Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Went to look at a new plane in Springfield IL

Jeff (my boss) and I went out to Springfield IL to look at a new plane to add to our fleet. The plane came from the Tatta company in India and I gotta say, they don't take care of the interior of planes like we do over here. It was a wreck. The good thing is that they just spent 1 million dollars on an inspection that has the majority of the plane disassembled, inspected, and put back together.. Other than the asthetics of the interior, the plane is in excellent shape. If our client decides on this plane, we have given him info on a complete restoration of the interior which will include broadband internet and many many other upgrades from the planes I am flying now. I have my fingers crossed, because this thing is awesome.. It even has a heads up display like the military fighter huh! Here are a couple pics of the same type of plane, it's called a Falcon 2000.

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